Automatic Revolving Doors

Where Turnstile Really Does Mean Style

Automatic turnstile revolving doors are as prestigious as they are elegant. Where buildings denote grandeur, turnstile revolving doors stand for style. As they combat heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, automatic turnstile revolving doors are particularly suitable in areas of high traffic densities and where energy efficiency is valued.

Revolving Door


Automatic Revolving Doors – Types


Additional Functions

  • rescue and escape routes with break-out function (mechanical emergency opening system which allows the leaves to be swung out of the way so as to give unimpeded access/entry)
  • windbrake function: electro-mechanical locking of the break-out door leaves
  • drive located in the floor or the ceiling of the room under the door
  • night closure: available with locks; the cleverly designed internal guidance system prevents dirt build-up and is weather-resistant
  • integral air curtain – able to prevent minor drafts
  • Access Control: access can be refused to unauthorised persons as persons enter singly

Access Control

When used in conjunction with our 3 or 4 leaf fully automatic revolving door systems, Access Control provides optimal control of access when used with other systems such as card-readers, biometric recognition or other security measures. The comprehensive security system also enables persons to be separated by means of the “anti-piggybacking” (two people in one segment) and “anti-tailgating” (persons entering too close together) functions.

As its name suggests and thanks to its classic, timeless design and exquisite workmanship, the Classic (CL) small revolving door is admirably suited to a distinguished but unostentatious style of architecture.

  • aluminium profile closures 56 x 56 mm giving an impression of lightness
  • visible drum wall profiles - upper 73 mm, lower 105 mm
  • crown compartment - from 250 mm
  • suitable for door diameters from 1.60 to 4.0 m
  • drive located in the roof system
  • available with 3 or 4 leaves