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Some Milestones in the TORMAX History


Longstanding presence in the Netherlands maintained with a subsidiary

TORMAX has opened a subsidiary in the Netherlands after its longstanding sales partner Imtech Toegangstechniek was sold and the cooperation agreement dissolved. The move is a clear sign of TORMAX's commitment to the Dutch market and of its entrepreneurial vision and will create new jobs.

TORMAX was the first supplier to introduce automatic door systems to the Netherlands around sixty years ago. Alongside its longstanding sales partner Imtech Toegangstechniek, the company built up a very strong market position through its idea that was revolutionary at the time. This partnership with TORMAX was dissolved when the operationally successful business was recently sold by its insolvent parent company Royal Imtech N.V. In response we decided to take on the installation and servicing of our products ourselves right away through TORMAX Nederland B.V.

Speaking about the reasons for this decision, Dr Philippe Heiniger, TORMAX Group CEO, and its parent company Landert Motoren AG said: "It's a logical step. We feel an obligation towards all operators of TORMAX door systems in the Netherlands to ensure that they can continue to rely on our services. These firms have used our automatic door systems for decades and are concerned about the future maintenance of their facilities." They will welcome this commitment, as manufacturer-specific components and expertise are needed for servicing and repairs."

But the Dutch market is hard fought over and calls for a lot of perseverance. For TORMAX this is more of an incentive than a hindrance. "For me the long-term perspectives are critical," said Anja Landert, owner and Chair of the Board of Directors of Landert Motoren AG. "For generations we have been taking the concerns of our clients to heart and investing in long-term growth." A pioneer in introducing automatic door operation from the US to Europe in the 1950s, TORMAX is clearly committed to the Dutch market and will create new jobs there.

The specialists at TORMAX Nederland B.V. will take care of all planning, installation and services and will provide the right expertise in finding a suitable automatic door system. With these experienced experts and the entrepreneurial vision of an owner-managed company, TORMAX is resolutely maintaining its 60-year old presence in the Netherlands.

TORMAX Nederland B.V.
TORMAX Nederland B.V.