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Corrosion-Free Sliding Door Drives for Increased Requirements

TORMAX offers automatic door drives with IP65 protection. High requirements relating to hygiene and high resistance against corrosion in an aggressive environment call for special operators. Besides reliability the sliding doors provide the elegance of a common automatic door.

All stressed parts of the drives are either made completely from stainless steel or are enclosed in a stainless steel drive box. The IP65 sliding door drives have exactly the same functionality and range of settings as drives without this type of special protection. The stainless steel case is dust-proof and sea-water resistant which means it is admirably suited for automatic doors in swimming pools, on board ships and generally for use close to the sea. The drive components are less exposed to aggressive environmental influences and therefore last significantly longer. As the drive casing can be easily cleaned from the outside, the drives are also particularly suitable for use in rooms which must meet the most stringent hygiene requirements, for example in the pharmaceutical, health-care or food industries. Pollution in the form of dust, oily deposits or strong temperature fluctuations cannot do any harm to the drive unit. Thus sliding doors operate flawlessly even under highly demanding conditions.

Corrosion-Free Sliding Door Drives for Increased Requirements