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TORMAX reinforces its longstanding involvement in Finland with a Group Company

The TORMAX Group has decided to establish a Group Company in Finland after the Finnish distribution partner, Mesvac Oy, was sold to a new owner a few weeks ago. This decision will create new jobs and is a clear sign of TORMAX's commitment to the Finnish market and of its entrepreneurial vision.

TORMAX has been supplying automatic door systems in Finland for more than 50 years. Working hand in hand with its distribution partners it has succeeded in developing a successful market position out of what was a revolutionary idea in the past. The distribution partner Mesvac Oy changed hands a few weeks ago. Therefore the TORMAX Group took the decision to establish its own Group Company.

This step reinforces the commitment of TORMAX in Finland which has existed for many years. Mr Miikka Tarkka has extensive experience in automatic door systems. He will be responsible for the management and further development of the new Group Company, TORMAX Suomi Oy. When reviewing this decision, Dr Philippe Heiniger, CEO of TORMAX and Landert Group, stated “We were not only able to recruit a proven expert in our industry in the shape of Miikka Tarkka but also a person who already has an in-depth knowledge of the TORMAX products. The many owner of TORMAX door systems in Finland therefore need to have no concerns about the maintenance of their door systems in the future. Right from the start TORMAX Suomi Oy is set up in an ideal manner and “ready to go”. Customers operating TORMAX door systems will be pleased to hear about this commitment from the manufacturer as TORMAX-specific components and skills are needed for professional installation and service work.

The market for automatic door systems is hard fought over and calls for a lot of perseverance. For TORMAX this is more of an incentive than a hindrance. "For us the long-term perspectives are critical," said Anja Landert, Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Landert Group. "For generations we have been taking the concerns of our customers to heart and investing in long-term growth." A pioneer in introducing automatic doors from the US to Europe in 1951, TORMAX is clearly committed to the Finnish market and will create new jobs there.

The team of TORMAX Suomi Oy can fulfil all customer’s needs in installation and service with regards to automatic door systems. With its experienced specialists and the entrepreneurial spirit of a family owned Group, TORMAX is dedicated to further develop its long-term commitment to the Finnish market.